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  • GT43E3 10/28/2020 at 11:07 PM


    SCAM ALERT. FRAUDULENT WEBSITE. This is another fake ICO front for a fraudulent crypto token (BLK in this instance). These same scammers ran another fraudulent website exactly like this one recently at which defrauded thousands of dollars out of many people over a period of five months and has since disappeared. These scammers will trick you into transferring cryptocurrency to a fake wallet on this site that you cannot withdraw from. They will try to convince you it's a good investment and they have an inside tip from a family member. It's all a ruse to steal your money. DO NOT FALL FOR IT.

  • Ryder 10/30/2020 at 11:13 AM

    Rating: Looks like SCAM similar to the The BLK White Book is highly suspicious. You will be contacted by someone who will randomly mention this site and how the person has the right information from someone else.

  • Mr_LuisFer 11/11/2020 at 10:44 PM


    i met a girl on tinder, her name was Nana and she was born in Hong Kong but living in Toronto since she was 10... she told me to chat by using whats app since day one, at day 2 she mencioned cryptos cause a book she was reading and beacuse i do Forex Trade, so that get me interested... by the 5th day she asked me if i would like to invest as she was doing it in a new crypto currency called BKL... told me her Unlce was part of BKL and that she has information that the coin is going so well, she has invested already and that she could lead me by doing it too... that was when something got my alarms on, so i search for the web page she told me in scam forums and found that it is a tipical scam way... Tinder (dating app) - match with an asian girl - comunication trough Whatsapp (or any other message app) -they talk about so many topics to gain your trust - some days later they invite you to invest in some fake Crypto - girl have someone inside that says the coin is going to the clouds, so how can you refuse... TAKE A LOT OF CARE, don,t lose money!!!


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