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  • EagleEye 06/20/2022 at 09:02 AM


    This appears to be a scam page, a fake exchange, used to trick users into investing in a crypto product called VATC. I'd guess that you can put money into the exchange, but you can never get it out again. At some point the page will just vanish along with your money.

  • Ben 06/28/2022 at 02:13 PM


    scam exchange, don't transfer your money there

  • J.Newton 06/29/2022 at 04:00 AM


    Its all fake!!! fake promises but never allowed to withdraw a dime, Instead they keep requesting for more deposit. Even after paying the so called taxes i could not still withdraw. I had to hire the service of a law enforcement and a recovery firm in Canada. reach out to +1 204.410.2479 on Whats app for more info. They did get hold of my funds. PLEASE STAY CLEAR!!!

  • ROCKETMAN 06/29/2022 at 07:53 AM


    I tried to buy a Petfusion cat scratching pad from these people today. Petfusion offers it for $49 these people offered it for $25. I noticed that they took Mastercard, Visa, Paypal and Stripe, but not Discover. Odd, I thought, but used my Discover card anyway and was directed to a Paypal site after I entered my information. I stopped there and called their info number to see if they had gotten my order. The Miami number 530-423-5424 WAS DISCONNECTED. Called Discover and they had no record of the purchase, that's good, but now it is possible that these people have my Discover credit card number and info and could use it for fraud, I guess? Called Discover and told them to look out for fraud in the future on my card. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

  • rnx 08/09/2022 at 05:31 PM


    Total scam. They lure you in. Talk privately on WA about a great investment opportunity called VATC. Than they ask you to pay 4% of your total holdings. Crazy amount because of the VATC valuation. And they force you to pay just in a few days otherwise there will be a "hefty" penalty. Incredible. These people really attract bad things to them.


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