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  • mac 06/24/2022 at 11:03 AM


    I have received hundreds of "promotional" emails from this site over the last 2 weeks. "You've won" types of messages. Totally a scam site to capture personal information for identity theft. They use things like "Walgreens gift card", "Home Depot power drill", "Night driving glasses", and things like that to entice someone to enter their information to receive their "Prize". Don't fall for this!

  • PBear 07/20/2022 at 12:51 PM


    i am sick and tired of this "company" clogging up my email with phony JUNK offers. Repeated attempts (129 so far this week alone, and it is only Wednesday morning) to block this sender are worhtless. This scammer needs to be taken down. I don't want to award ths scam with even one star (They should receive minus 100, but that is not possible, so I will - unmillingly - click on the single star below.)

  • Steve 07/20/2022 at 07:28 PM


    Wish they would take the site down, clogging my email with hundreds of spam emails a day.

  • PBear 07/25/2022 at 08:26 PM


    After putting up with this Scam-from-China enntity clogging up my email with phony offers for two-plus weeks, my husband figured out how to actually block it. Two whole days of Bliss! Then, like something that smells really, really bad and refuses to go away, these Assetweet scam email "offers" and "prizes" have AGAIN infiltrated and overrun my email. Apparently, these SCAMMERS will be allowed to hack into your and my emails until next May 23rd (2023) and - from the multitude of bad comments I've read - STEAL MONEY from unsuspecting victims. I truly wish ScamDoc would have a "Zero Star" rating, as this entity has done nothing to earn even a smidge of a star.

  • PBear 07/26/2022 at 09:16 AM


    ScamDoc: UPDATE ON ASSETWEET: Instead of phony emails from Assetweet, after my husband blocked that site for the second time (yesterday), I am now receiving ones from the site This site's emails show "offers" from the EXACT senders as those I received from Assetweet - Life Line Services, Mcafee Support, CampLejeuneClaimsHel..., Knee Compression Slee..., Car Dash Camera, Curious Finds. I have NEVER opened any of the emails from Assetweet or from this new one, as the byline sender's name (Assetweet's) was one I did not recognize, and the subject was usually clearly too good to be true. (Assetweet had about 30+ different ones including Home Deot, Southwest Airlines, etc.) ***PLEASE research the new (to my email) site I listed, above. When I google it - using - I get the same "No Page Found" as I receive for "". I found your site when I just googled "assetweet". Please Note: There are sites under "Accesselite" (with an "I"), but these scam-type emails are from "Accesselate" (with an "A"). Thank you so very much for your valuable, very helpful information, and the service you provide to help others avoid being scammed. Also, thank you for taking time to look into this (new?) site.


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