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  • Giuseppe 04/25/2022 at 06:15 AM


    Cercavo degli stivali da motociclista e mi sono imbattuto in questo sito (
    Il sospetto viene confrontando i prezzi decisamente troppo bassi per essere veri, va bene far concorrenza ma prezzi ribassati del 70%/75% per prodotti comunemente in commercio e non fine serie sembra eccessivo.

    Il sospetto Γ¨ d'obbligo e perciΓ² ho rinunciato a ordinare (pur allettato dal risparmio), potrei sbagliarmi e aver perso una buona occasione ma dato che nessuno regala niente a questo mondo...
    In ultimo ma non meno importante, il sito si presenta come venditore di articoli casalinghi e pulizia, come faccia anche a vendere stivali da motociclista non si capisce.

  • Alexander.S 04/26/2022 at 09:05 AM


    This website uses your search to lift photos of your items you are looking for typically off ebay, they then pass them off as being in stock , owned by them and then put up a ridiculously low price of approximately 10% of the items actual value , to entice you into joining their website , I presume they will log your credit card details at the point of payment and then go spendy spend on your credit card as they will have your Name ,Card address & 3 digit code . Absolutely 100% do not buy anything from this website .

  • Cris 06/30/2022 at 11:34 PM


    This mob ripped me off AUD $127 after I stupidly ordered a well branded motorcycle jacket. After many emails, and them robotly saying it's on its way, two months later I received a pair of $5 cheap sunglasses. No jacket, offered me a 40 per cent refund after sending them a photo, but they wanted proof of box and packing. When I contacted my post office to verify goods and said I can prove my item was glasses, haven't heard back or got any refund. I'm on a pension, and these scumbags need to be imprisoned DONT BUY FROM APRIL SALES, unless you have lots of money to give to Chinese thieves


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