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  • tyredofripoffs 10/13/2019 at 09:02 PM


    Scammer airline ticket site. AVOID!!!

  • Susan Wright 12/03/2019 at 08:09 PM


    This site should be called FareSCAM because that's what it is ... they lead consumers to believe they can purchase airline tickets & choose seats (upgrade fee or no upgrade fee) when the reality is that consumers are not able to choose seats .. I am traveling with my young daughter - I wanted 2 seats together. AFTER booking & paying for my tickets .. $1446.98 .. I found out that I was not able to choose seats (even if I paid the $109 upgrade fee for premium seating) because THERE WERE NO AVAILABLE SEATS .. I contacted the airlines & they told me there were no 'released' seats to choose from and I would have to get seat assignments at the airport - I called FareSCAM to get help .. I wanted to cancel my reservations & book with another airline WITH SEATS. I spoke to 2 different individuals at FareSCAM : both male, both operating from overseas, both with heavy, often-unintelligible accents .. one placed me pn hold for 43 minutes and never returned to the call .. the second one began yelling at me when I asked for a refund because I refused to pay $250 PER TICKET to change or cancel ... this was WITHIN 2 HOURS OF BOOKING!! They wanted to charge me $500 to cancel almost $1500 worth of tickets ... AND I would have to rebook because the tickets are to bring my daughter home for Christmas. The jackals at FareSCAM did NOT care AT ALL and the second individual continued to raise his voice and shout over me as I tried to ask questions .. he kept repeating: "it's on the website" when I... Read more

  • psun 12/16/2019 at 06:54 PM


    Check all the reviews here. This website is liar

  • Dulce Maria 03/18/2020 at 01:51 PM


    tried to change my ticket (no penalization because of the coronavirus), she told me I had to pay $566 extra dollars for the fare difference (when I was looking at the flights online and I realized this was a lie). Then I decided I didn't want the change and hung up. She called me back and told me now I had to pay because she had cancelled my flight WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION. SHE FORCED ME TO PAY $566 because she told me that I would lose the whole ticket. Later she admitted she had not canceled it, but she already had my money.

  • G.O. 03/19/2020 at 08:42 PM


    Do NOT, under any circumstances, use this website. They are professional scammers and you will lose your money.

  • Yasmin 03/27/2020 at 01:44 PM


    Scammers. Called today to get a refund for my suspended ticket through Turkish Airlines (TA) I had to walk the representative through to where it states on TA that I get full refund for suspended flights (before that he was trying to tell me that I only get Credit. Then he asked me how much I was charged, I told him can't you see that for yourself...I looked at my credit card and told him. He didn't want to give me full refund...he still wanted to charge me for seats. I got him to refund me the seats after getting angry and repeating what he was trying to charge me for "you want to refund me for my canceled flights but not refund me for the seats on that flight?" however, what was left was $99.99 that he did not want to refund me for, he claimed it was a booking fee through the agency. He said I would have to agree to the e-mail he sent regading the refund amount. I agreed, only after I hung up with him did I realize he was not only gonna refund me the full amount, but he was also charging me an extra $99.99 on top of the $99.99 he was taking from the original flight refund. I will wait to get my money back, then I will dispute the extra charge. Do yourself a favor and don't even think about using them.

  • Mintgreentea 04/20/2020 at 12:47 AM


    Farescan is very sneaky, all buyers should stay away from it! They did very terrible about their cancellation/refund policy during covid-19. They try to keep your money and only refund partial while the flight itself is cancelled by the airline company. There are two things with this company that made me I felt I was scammed. 1)after I booked my ticket online in Jan 2020, the company called me on the next day told me I'm not eligible for any checked baggage, and I need to pay them $100+ within 24 hrs to get checked baggage, otherwise the rate will go even higher after 24 hrs. Because I was afraid the rate will go up, I paid additional $100+ for check baggage over the phone. However, later on I figured the baggage policy on their website direct to China Eastern Airline baggage policy, and my original ticket is eligible for 2 checked bags. I just paid additional $100+ for nothing. So I called Farescan and spent a lot of time with them, good thing was they didn't charge me in the end. That's what they did to trick people!!! 2)Due to Covid-19, my flight with China Eastern Airline is cancelled, and my destination Bali closed the border. I've contacted Farescan to request a full refund, but they can only refund me $750 back, I lost $250, and they said those are for tax and it's not refundable. The rep on the phone also scared me that if I don't take what he is offering then he will take off the "waiver code" on my ticket, and I will no longer be eligible for any money back. I've... Read more

  • Yoffi 05/12/2020 at 09:31 PM


    Heartless. Awful. Complete SCAM! I purchased a ticket (R5U8JM) through Farescan for a flight with TAP airline. Called the airline, they advised me that they are offering a full refund, but since I purchased my ticket through Farescan, they must contact the airline's helpdesk and the refund will be given immediately. The airline went as far as put a comment on my reservation that the refund must be requested. I sent all the information to Farescan. The company is refusing to issue a refund. TAP advised me that it is illegal and to let them know that I am a US citizen. I sent a copy of my passport and another request. Farescan is taking advantage of people in hard situations due to COVID -19. If I don't get a refund and response, I am going to turn to social media and Better Business Burrow. Shame on them.


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