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  • Gosia 10/02/2019 at 08:25 PM

    This is most likely scam. I have received an email from Shoptora saying:
    'Due to a large number of orders on the chosen reference we inform you that the new delivery time is between 15 and 20 days.
    As compensation for this delay, we offer you an extension of the warranty for an additional six months.'
    Sounds dodgy and I'm pretty sure I will not see my purchase nor my money again. Luckily it was only a cheap item I purchased.

  • Amy 10/10/2019 at 10:27 AM

    Spent £270 on a hot tub. Got an email saying that it will now take 15-20 days instead of the 5 stated originally. They have responded to my emails asking about delivery and given me a tracking number but it doesn’t work. I am now really worried it’s a scam and I’ve lost my money. Is there any way of reclaiming?

    • Kel 10/22/2019 at 01:52 PM

      Contact the fraud team in your bank, they should be able to help you recoup your money. My bank have assured me if I haven't received my item with 7 days (the original trade agreement between and myself) that I should call them and they will get my money back on that day.

  • trooscotsman 10/11/2019 at 05:16 PM

    I bought firestick but im not holding out much hope...same reply i got delivery time has increased

  • bobby 10/11/2019 at 06:45 PM

    contact your bank, and tell them about the email, also the fire tv stick is not listed on their websites.
    they have two websites, one is the other is the websites are identical and charge different prices for the same products. they are based in paris. also they buy adspace from google to lure you in google should be pressured to vet this company

  • Matt 10/15/2019 at 10:08 AM

    Ordered an electronic item from them, for which the advertised price was the best available anywhere, but like other buyers, immediately afterwards I got an eMail (from a no-replies address) which said they would offer me an additional warranty and the item would be longer arriving than its advertised availability. Never heard another dicky bird from them, needless to say my money's been conjured away and they are nothing but out and out thieves.

  • Julie Thomas 10/21/2019 at 02:04 PM

    I have repeatedly requested an update for my order through the contact link on their website and each time they have replied with either an update that proves false or tracking numbers that do not exist. I have no doubt that these people will trade until they have enough money and then just shut up shop or re-name. They advertise delivery of 5-7 days on the website and then tell you it’s coming from China.....they have only recently changed from ‘deal finity’ which they will undoubtedly do again. On first asking they told me that my order was in European customs and once cleared I would get contact from the delivery company. Then I got a tracking number and a link to the China post website. Surprise, surprise the number was not recognised. Then they said I was on the wrong website. Then they would check and get back to me....they didn’t. Finally I asked for a refund and they have ignored this request completely. ****ORDER FROM THESE CHARLATANS AT YOUR PERIL***

  • Alexandro 10/21/2019 at 10:36 PM

    Just received my firestick. I was afraid but all is fine now and the item is perfect.

    • Kel 10/22/2019 at 01:50 PM

      How long did it take to receive from the order date?

  • brignew 10/24/2019 at 04:43 PM

    I suspect that “Alexandro” is the only one who receives any goods from this company. Strange how the name is so close to Alexandra, who sometimes replies to customer emails from Shoptora - usually with useless information. If you look at the Trustpilot site, you will find that this company has “claimed” ownership of its web site, and then has proceeded to challenge every review (they are all negative), so that they are all redacted pending further investigation. Glad to see that this does not go on here at Scamdoc. is run by Eurotext Import in Paris And is likely a scam site. No one has a good word to say about it.

  • darrian 10/27/2019 at 02:10 PM

    ***********WARNING TO CONSUMERS**************
    THIS IS FRAUD/ A SCAM WEBSITE is operated by eurotext import ,Paris.

    Reported to action fraud website and to the police.

    Have also reported to my banks fraud department and have now been refunded .

  • Danil 10/29/2019 at 03:35 PM

    Dropshipping website. Package from China

    received after 3 weeks

  • val 10/30/2019 at 05:08 PM

    *********************This is a scam website **********************************************.

    Any potential consumers.Please investigate the many reviews confirming this.

    Any review claiming receipt of goods is by the fraudulent website themselves.

  • TREVOR 10/30/2019 at 05:12 PM


  • brignew 11/02/2019 at 11:00 AM

    I am putting this review on both TrustPilot, and web sites. If I was able - I would not give this web-based company any stars.

    For anyone who wants to purchase goods from web site - be warned! This web site is operated by EUROTEXT Import S.A.S, whose registered office is in Paris. They also operate the following web sites - so steer clear of these too if you know what is good for you, and you don’t want to lose your hard-earned cash:

    When you purchase from, this is usually what happens:

    1. You get an email (if you are lucky; I didn’t receive one) confirming your purchase, saying it will be delivered by DPD in 5-7 days.
    2. They take your money from your credit card (this is the quickest and most consistent thing they do extremely well).
    3. You then get another email telling you that because of the demand for the item you have ordered, it will now be delivered in 15-20 days, or longer.
    4. You try to contact them using their contact email “” - it comes back saying this email address is only for technical matters, asking you to please use the online web page form to send a message.
    5. You do this - and if you are lucky you get a response from Alexandra or Zoe, or whoever - but most of the time it is ignored, or you receive an automated reply. You just say you want to know where your goods are.
    6. Their replies go in order - “we understand your impatience etc….”, or “the item is clearing European customs and DHL (note not DPD any longer) will contact you with delivery details”; or if you ask for a refund, you get a reply saying one will be made in 14 days - which, of course it isn’t.... Read more

  • Ray 11/04/2019 at 01:35 PM

    Also tried to buy a firestick from them about two weeks ago.They very promptly took the money, nothing has happened since. I even got charged for the currency conversion.

  • Order dehumidifier 11/04/2019 at 02:22 PM

    I have ordered dehumidifier and got update of 15 to 20 days delivery. I contacted my bank and they said wait for few days then we can raise this issue. Hence asked for refund but you no respond ignore it as they are scammers..

  • do not use shoptora 11/05/2019 at 11:08 AM

    Exactly the same experience as everyone else. The Trustpilot situation is appalling - 100% negative reviews but all redacted. First (and last) time I have ever fallen prey to a site like this. No such thing as a bargain.

  • Lyn 11/05/2019 at 02:47 PM

    I'm having the same problem with Shoptora, same emails same excuses waiting 4 week's now for my firestick well i think i can say bye to my money now, been on to the bank who said wait a few more day's then get back in touch with Shoptora for delivery information which i have done and got nowhere, how are they allowed to keep trading while ripping people off.well back to the bank and Fraud squad see if they can get my money back. finger's crossed.

  • Tom 11/05/2019 at 06:10 PM

    They are crooks, use a private address in Southampton under a bogus tool store name...

  • Victim 11/05/2019 at 08:56 PM

    They been reported to Action Fraud. Plus i am getting my money back through my bank.

  • ImmyK 11/08/2019 at 06:45 PM

    THIEFS.... everything about the company and its operation is expertly summarised by ........
    brignew 11/02/2019 at 11:00 AM

    stay clear and warn others.

  • Warn 11/09/2019 at 04:46 PM

    They operating under different websites guys beware.

  • Simon 11/10/2019 at 02:11 PM

    From reading the reviews I think my money is gone.. 1 star is too many ????

  • Zaka 11/11/2019 at 02:33 PM

    Same experience
    I was offered extended guarantee for delay 15-20 days
    asked for cancellation of the order
    money never refunded.
    website not working
    i have already contacted my bank - fraud team. Hope will get the money back from the bank

  • Sandra P 11/11/2019 at 04:37 PM

    Same experience too. I was also told delivery would be delayed by 15-20 days. I've sent two more emails since the time has passed, first one ignored second has resulted in 'your message cannot be delivered as the domain name does not exist'. Ordered was for £59 just thankful we did not order two! Now going to check if I paid with a credit or debit card and contact the bank. Thanks for the info re contacting the fraud team.

  • Lyn 11/11/2019 at 07:21 PM

    Well went back to my bank today and the bank will refund my money tomorrow, I will check every shop revues before I buy online again. beware people scammers everywhere first time i've been caught but i'll be more careful in the future, good luck hope you all get your money back. ps I had to leave 1 star wont let me leave none.

  • JAMES 11/11/2019 at 07:21 PM

    Exactly as the same as you guys above. Slimline CD player for my little girls birthday. Had the follow-up email, the 15-20 days ****, not the domain name doesn't exist. Only £25, but more irritated with myself for using these sharks to save a tenner. Shocking that this sort of thing happens. Contacted my back, but although sympathetic they wouldn't reimburse me (Lloyds), but not their fault.

  • Peter twiceshy 11/15/2019 at 11:44 AM

    Experiencing the same as all reviewers. Same message, same replies, same tracking details. What a scam. Must buy British in future at the shops!! Do not warrant even one star.

  • Biffo1940 11/16/2019 at 12:04 PM

    I purchased a Braun Toothbrush in October with a 5-7 day delivery. I too received an email saying that due to high demand it would take 15 to 20 days and did I agree. I said no please refund. They said I would get a refund within 14 days. I didn't. Now reported transaction to credit card fraud dept. and await outcome.

  • Hangelic 11/23/2019 at 11:48 AM

    Please can someone tell. Me how the transaction appears on your statement? I ourcgased something about 2.5 months ago and I can't for the life of me remember how much it was so its difficult to trace on statement with all the christmas shopoing i have done. It doesn't say shoptora anywhere! Thankyou.

  • Paola 11/27/2019 at 06:54 PM

    I ordered a vacuum on the website it said 5-6 days delivery days. After they took the payment, I got an email saying it would take 15-20days and asking if I still wanted to continue with the purchase, with the only option was yes. So I emailed them and told them that I wanted to cancel the order. They kept asking different things, wich I had already answered. Like the order number, my name, when I ordered it and why I did not want the item ( everytime in different emails) eventually they said they would give me a refund within 14 days which is today, and today when I checked my account, no refund, when I tried to email them, guess what? The email is not working and the website is gone.. And yes I did call my bank wich theyvare going to look in to it... shame on you!

  • Kev 11/28/2019 at 10:59 AM

    They have now changed the site to shopora, conveniently dropping the “t” .

    still waiting for my toothbrush too, action fraud and bank notified.

  • Adam ali 03/26/2020 at 12:23 AM

    Honestly man these men are scammers I ordered a toothbrush and “Alexandra” said it will Take 15-20 instead of 1 week as if stated and then they gave me a fake order number and said it will be delivered by Dpd and this was in October this is end of March


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