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  • sarah 09/11/2021 at 10:27 AM


    Never received my order. i asked for a refund no response. when i emailed them i didnt receive my order all i got was extremely rude email. still no refund or product

  • Buddyubu 10/02/2022 at 01:09 PM


    I purchased a light bulb security camera from BuyPureCare Aug 2022. The Cell phone interface was not able to be connected. I do not know why. I wrote customer service and they sent me new instructions difference that the leaflet with my purchase. No connection was able to be made using their new instruction. I asked for a refund. It is now Oct and they keep sending me emails with offers of small credits if I keep the product. I am now up to over a dozen communications with them. They are not listening to my request and so far have not sent me a mailing address to return their product. Most frustrating. Can anyone help me?

    Thank you.

    • COLOLADY 10/08/2022 at 03:05 PM

      They will drag the emails out forever. I would recommend you contact your credit card company.

  • COLOLADY 10/07/2022 at 08:09 PM


    HORRIFIC EXPRIENCE!!! I am sorely dissappointed in this company, BUYPURECARE.COM. I purchased 3 cameras in September 2022. The set up instructions are totally worthless! The customer service department takes days if and when they decide to get back with and only via email. No live person to speak with. When requesting help getting these on-line I was sent pictures of the worthless instructions that came with the cameras. After several days of going back and forth with different things to "try" with no success I requested address to ship back the cameras and get a refunds (according to their advertisement.) I was given the option to keep them for a minimal credit, which was absolutely insulting since I can not get the units on-line, or I could gift them to a family member (just what I want to do and cause my family or friends the same frustration I have been dealing with day in and day out, or I could sell them at a flea market to get some of my money back since it would be expensive for me to return them even though their website states if item(s) are returned are damaged or not correct, they will bear the cost of return shipping. I was also informed it would take a "long time" to get my refund. It took many days to even get a return address. NEVER buy from this company. Customer service is Horrible at best! Had to file with credit card company to Hopefully get a refund.

    • hauwawashirezl 10/07/2022 at 08:14 PM

      Did you pay with your credit card? I had the same problem with my purchase and my bank eventually resolved it.

    • COLOLADY 10/08/2022 at 03:04 PM

      Still working with my credit card company to resolve.


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