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First analysis date: 08/16/2023
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08/16/2023 (Less than 6 months)
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08/16/2024 (Less than 1 year left)
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  • Judge Dredd 08/17/2023 at 03:08 AM

    Rating: is a website that has recently attracted attention in relation to cryptocurrency. Based on user feedback, there are concerns that this site may be operating in a potentially fraudulent manner. One user, who learned about the site from a TikTok promotion, described it as a platform for a supposed free Bitcoin giveaway, requiring sign-up to partake. This user, while noting that Bitcoin was allegedly credited to their account following the sign-up, expressed significant concern and fear that they may be vulnerable to hacking or misuse of their data.

    The anonymity of the site's ownership stands out as a major red flag, especially given the landscape of the cryptocurrency world, where fraudulent sites emerge frequently. This user reported difficulty in finding information about through online searches, which could be a possible indicator of the website’s lack of credibility and transparency.

    Furthermore, despite the promise of free Bitcoin appearing in the user's account, there is a lingering fear, as reflected in the user comment, that this could be a tactic to lure individuals into revealing sensitive information. The user has decided to refrain from further engagement with the platform, presumably to avoid potential risks.

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  • Jasi 08/16/2023 at 09:47 PM


    It seems like a scam website for cryptocurrency. I signed up today and I am very scared that I will be hacked or something.

    when searching for the website online I can't find anything.

    i found our about it on TikTok and they made me believe it was a free bitcoin giveaway if I signed up. (Ik it's stupid that I fell for that)

    although the promised Bitcoin supposedly is on my account I will leave it at that and hope that I will not have my data used or anything

  • Chris 08/17/2023 at 04:41 AM


    good site, i get 0.41 btc 3

  • dee 08/17/2023 at 07:43 AM


    got it from tiktok. got the 0,41 btc but tells me to deposit 0.005 bitcoin to make a withdraw. that means i supposed to get 133 euros just to get the 0.41btc of that site. dont do it. u will lose ut btc or money!

  • jcarmen 09/03/2023 at 05:10 PM



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