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  • CryptoScams 08/15/2022 at 11:52 PM


    24coinfex is THE NEW DOMAIN - SAME SCAMMER - This website is the current domain of a series of domains all owned (according to public whois searches) by Andrei Melkov. A current list of his domains which have used the identical content, being a Crypto Exchange are shenbit, bitswet, trezbit, trezxbit, Auecoin, trahbit, wixybit, ebalabit, loot-trade, fastxbit, vdulbit, lyablyabit, coinecrypt, coinercrypt, coinderix, kottrade, realmbtc, Btchangex, Luxumbit, Lanxbit, vamxbit, Nirobit, swaperbit, kaefbit, zeratrade, epicxbit, levodtrade, bestxbit, norextrade, 24coinfex, azextrade, luxurycrypt and shaubit, . This domain he has registered with a hidden name at least publicly facing as far as he is concerned. He is registering new domain names on a weekly basis to avoid comments like mine here. Mr Melkov and or his associates have multiple Telegram groups for Pump and Dumps promoting these websites and they have multiple Discord groups where they offer you to pump up a selected coin and then when the price rises to sell it, thus making a profit. The trick being that you can ONLY use the exchange he has chosen which is currently this one. This exchange is a complete copy of another official and reputable exchange. As it looks like this official exchange it also tricks people into thinking it is reputable as well. The exchange appears to function as an exchange but is pretty much 100% fake. Of particular interest the deposit of crypto goes to a wallet that quickly distributes it and... Read more


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