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First analysis date: 02/18/2022

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  • Kat 11/17/2022 at 11:04 PM


    Products are not what are advertised. Extremely poor quality - unwearable. When you contact them for a return they offer a very small amount and you keep the products. I sent 4 emails insisting I get the return details. Each time they offered a little bit more money as a return. Finally they gave me the details and that it had to go to Dubai, stating it is very expensive post. I looked it up and it would cost me more than the $127 US that it cost me. I ended up settling for half of it back, leaving them to pocket the other half. I am yet to receive the return, not confident that I will. I am also concerned that the pictures on this site are exactly the same as those on other fashion site on Facebook. I will not ever buy clothing from a Facebook site again, been burnt a couple of times, have finally learnt my lesson.


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