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  • Binder 01/08/2022 at 03:29 PM


    Definitely a scam and beware. On, 12/28/2021, I made of the mistake of trying to purchase a bike from USMALLSTORE.COM. While trying to make the purchase with a debit card, my transaction was not accepted. I was told that I had to either use a credit card or Bitcoins (???). So, I tried using a credit card. The site declined this card, also. I received an email from USMALLSTORE saying my order was approved if I clicked accepted. I was also given the option to cancel the order which I did. On 01/07/2022, the security dept for my bank notified me that a fraudulent attempt to use my credit card was declined. I dont use credit cards and this card had sat dormant for 5 years until I made the mistake of using it for this transaction. I'm getting a new replacement card.

  • Amit 06/03/2022 at 01:40 AM


    This website is definitely a scam. Do not enter your private information in this website.

  • Lisa 06/07/2022 at 06:04 PM


    Definitely a phishing site to get your credit card info. I put in a good credit card trying to purchase a bike at a great price. My credit card was declined and it also said credit card info was saved to their secure server. After that happened I had a feeling this site was a scam and found horrible reviews and complaints online. I should have known the price of the bike was too good to be true. I canceled my credit card immediately. Why is this website still up and running?


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