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  • rabhaw 12/13/2021 at 12:41 PM


    Total scam. They got U$250 from me and it was not invested or returned. Upon enquiry a Niko Kidman told me to not bother him again as he was busy with other investors.
    He should have said ... other people to scam.

  • Moneymaker 01/15/2022 at 07:10 PM


    Well i invested with and i have been treated very good my investment has been making profit daily not enough to get rich but its a profit and i only invested minimum 250 and my broker calls me weekely sometime twice a week and at first i thought i got scamed my first week but the market was just on a downfall but now its good i think i know fdxcrypto is for real

    • Mulle 03/04/2022 at 12:07 PM

      You are one of them!

      You are a fraudster!

      You were paid to deceive people to invest in fdxcrypto.

      I would have lost all I had been saving all my life, I was depressed for weeks because of this bad investment. More than 77,000 USDT was invested accumulated to trade with them with the unreal tax fee included, all Kate's advise

      Please if scammed report them to the the police with their pictures and information

      I later took this action, I checked here, they helped tracked all the transaction with the transaction hash evidences provided to them.

      Just today I just got all USDT back to into wallet, I have also sold all my crypto for cash, I'm never trading cryptocurrency again for this bad experience with fdxcrypto
      Never again!

  • Firestorm 01/17/2022 at 11:41 PM



    My Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s DeFrauding Story from the Cowardly Snakes at FDXCrypto!

    The Perfect Financial Trust Crime Attached to Your Own Free Will!

    Untraceable Cryptocurrency Transactions & Financial Pressure Tactics Revealed!

    This all began when I was browsing through my Facebook news feed, and I came across an article regarding Elon Musk’s successes investing in cryptocurrencies. I read through the article, and was impressed with the potential for making quick and large profit margins! You could say I was psychologically hooked in from this point onward. I cannot remember exactly how this article led me to, but they were linked together somehow. I browsed their webpage, and reached out to their customer service department and was put into contact with a very flirtatious account manager named Kate Radic who ultimately placed me into the “care” of another account manager / professional trader / broker named “Calvin Pierce.” He was a very knowledgeable and confident “broker.” From this point I created a “trading account” with FDX crypto, and made small initial investments of $1000 & $3000 which “grew” rapidly according to the data listed within their web trader database. FDX Crypto’s web trader software is very sophisticated; including real time market numbers, graphs, and trading indicators at your fingertips. Calvin managed the account for me, and all his open and closed trading positions are listed under my account history.... Read more

    • dougeo 02/12/2022 at 03:50 AM

      Hello Firestorm
      I have had almost the exact experience as you except that invested 23000 CAD which before their supposed liquidation my investment had grown to 74000 USD...then came the capital gain taxes of 15000 CAD that i had to pay...I was promised that if i at least paid half of those taxes they would give me half of the total sum and then use part of that money to pay the rest of the taxes and finally they would give me the other half...fortunately for my sake i had smelled a rat in their operation and have not given them the other half of the capital gain taxes and never, for now, I am out of 23k of investment and 7.5k of the bogus for how I found out about them is the exact same way as you trader manager is Joseph Shien and the finance manager is Adam Vega...when they changed their name to a guy named Niko called me once and told him that I was unable to discuss because I was busy to my has been two weeks now and no return calls...I used Netcoin and Shakepay to make the initial investment of 11k and 12k each and used my bank account to pay for the taxes of 15k...I do have an Exodus wallet and they did make me use anydesk to help me with my transaction...I also want to warn you of a service called which provides cryptorecovery services...they are a scam as their agent Anthony Morgan asked me to pay an initial fee of 4.5k but i only gave him half of that amount...a few days later he revealed to me through a wallet...Read more

  • Sammy 01/19/2022 at 03:55 AM


    Warning Warning Warning




    FDX Crypto has changed their name to

    4 Trader X

    Saying that they updated their security system and that they created a brand new account just for me

  • Chichi 05/07/2022 at 10:39 PM


    I was lucky I only invested about $280 USD which apparently grew to $400 and when I tried to withdraw they came up with all sorts of excuses. I left it invested and it apparently grew to about $8,600 but the say in order for me to withdraw I need to put $2,000 in my Shakepay wallet for taxes

    I haven't put any money in my wallet I because I think they may have figured a way to access the funds I don't know. But I couldn't believe they had so many people working together, including a lady

    So far I have worked with a Benjamin Tate, Kevin, Niko and Maria Klein. They change phone numbers and emails don't go through any more

    Big scam

  • Dominic873 06/06/2022 at 09:29 AM


    I wouldn't believe anything this company says, They are liars, and cheats. They also don't grant withdrawals, they will make you loose your money and become rude and aggressive afterwards. I had to get my money back using the services of wealthwatchs. com


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