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  • Linda 08/08/2021 at 06:29 PM


    Can some one help me. Zombury has my address and phone number on their site. How to ger it removed.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Linda 08/31/2021 at 09:32 PM


    They wre a fake website using my address and phone number. The address they are using is mine not zombury. I do now own rhis company

  • Nick 09/03/2021 at 05:46 PM


    I tried to order a knee board from Zombury, and regretted it. Its all a fraud. The phone number is not valid and neither is the address. I lost $160. Dont use it, if in doubt about this review just try calling before paying them.

  • Robert 12/20/2021 at 11:45 PM


    Paid for an inflatable boat never recieved it.Why is their website still there? I guess the US government dont care or are in on it .

  • Cat B 04/25/2023 at 04:58 PM


    We ordered a swimming pool sweeper from this site later to find they "sell" clothing items. We ordered from them because the price was significantly cheaper then other sites. We NEVER RECEIVED OUR ITEM. We paid for the item through Paypal. When I disputed the case the "seller" PROVIDED A FALSE USPS TRACKING NUMBER! Do not order from them please. It's a SCAM! I'm giving this "company" Zero stars. They don't deserve any.

  • Kayla 05/09/2023 at 01:32 PM


    This is a scam, I was scammed out of $130 cause they re using fake tracking numbers, you can't contact them and if by chance your able to go through pay pal, which I am to dispute this, its a handful and a half to prove that the tracking number and items never made it to your house.

    Zombury is just a cover, there not really from CA
    Chi tian lian Co. Ltd.

  • Susan 05/24/2023 at 06:02 AM


    I ordered a small plastic shed. I tried to contact the seller and received no response to my 4 emails. I even contacted PayPal to report the seller as fraudulent but because they were provided with a tracking number which says the item has been delivered they closed my case and said they were sorry for any problems I’ve experienced with my transaction and denied my claim. Zombury is a scam. The tracking information is fraudulent as well. The people behind the scenes are criminals. I wish I knew where or how to report this website/seller as a fraud. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. The scammed me for $119.98. I would give them negative stars if that option was available.


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