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First analysis date: 09/18/2023
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09/18/2023 (Less than 6 months)
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09/18/2024 (Less than 1 year left)
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  • Judge Dredd 09/19/2023 at 05:16 AM


    Based on user reviews and the information provided, the website claims to be involved in the distribution of the $USDT token, presenting statistics that tout its widespread usage and importance in the crypto world. However, caution is advised. Several users have expressed serious concerns about the site's authenticity. One individual shared their experience of attempting to connect an empty crypto wallet, only to be prompted for an "active" or funded wallet. After an error message, the site allegedly blocked their access, leading them to suspect that the site might be targeting users' cryptocurrency assets.

    The website's claim about the "$USDT Token Distribution" and the request for wallet proof of ownership also raises eyebrows. It's essential to understand that legitimate token distributions are usually transparent and don't block users based on their wallet status.

    Furthermore, the site does not provide any clear information about its ownership, which can be a red flag for potential users. This lack of transparency combined with its resemblance to other questionable sites strongly suggests caution when interacting with

    For... Read more

  • JJUSMC30 09/18/2023 at 06:01 PM


    Its a definite scam site, Pretty sure it was but tested with an empty wallet, my wallet connected and then they said their was an error and they need an "active" wallet aka a wallet full of crypto to steal. Then after i received the message the site blocked me and I can't even get on it. Pretty sure they blocked my ip. Just stay away!

  • Bax 09/18/2023 at 11:27 PM


    100% scam!

  • dantrix 09/20/2023 at 02:12 PM


    I bought from them and im happy with my purchase they legit

  • Eva 09/20/2023 at 06:18 PM


    Avoid at all costs. Happy to take money but you're going to lose more than your money as they dont grant withdrawal. Extremely dishonest and defrauding platform. write to 𝙥𝙞O 𝙉eE𝙧𝙛o 𝙧𝙚𝙣S𝙞c𝙨 .𝙩E𝙘𝙃 if you are having issues with getting your funds back.


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