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  • H 08/21/2023 at 07:51 PM


    This website looks fake. I brought stuffs from other company but was charged by this company.

  • Maria Angelica 08/23/2023 at 04:10 PM


    Hola , yo he echo uno en sfera y me di cuenta en el pago q no era del corte inglƩs lo hice el lunes , el pago era

  • Palomita 08/25/2023 at 03:14 PM


    Hola,yo tambien realize un pedido de womensecret y no he recibido email,el cargi es de ,
    Es una estafa total no hay nanera de recuperar el dinerošŸ˜”šŸ˜”šŸ˜”

  • foryourinfo 08/26/2023 at 01:20 PM


    Warning: I went to , bought a fan for 71 ish dollars, and was charged 81 ish by, and never received a confirmation invoice to my email!! ... both of these are shady sites imo.

  • dgc1947 08/27/2023 at 05:12 AM


    Scam site.

  • XF 08/27/2023 at 09:28 AM


    Estafa. A mi 32 euros de woman secret. Lo he comunicado al banco y denunciarƩ ante la guardia civil maƱana.

  • Eliza 09/08/2023 at 06:00 PM


    Placed an order through website in French language was charged in Hong Kong in another monetary unit, without order confirmation, the original website did not have tel. or email contact info, and the contact form displayed always an error after submitting.
    Beware it's a scam!

  • Eric 09/21/2023 at 04:22 AM


    Thought I was buying from home depot through the Offer Up website. I was rerouted to this site for credit card payment. Chase blocked the transaction instantly and sent me a fraud notice. Had to cancel credit card as this scam company had my credit card info including 3 digit code on back. BUYER BEWARE!


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