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  • Peter 08/26/2023 at 06:13 AM


    Scam...customer service not responding and after my email they froze my account...i lost 3000 USDT.

  • Russ 08/29/2023 at 08:38 AM


    Don't fall for their scam and don't transfer your hard earned money to this website! They don't take credit cards because you can get your money back for their fraudulent activities so they want you to do it through cryptos because your not protected. They'll make it look like you're making money but when you want to withdraw it they give up with excuses and try to make you pay more! And if you don't comply they'll drain your fake account and blame you for making bad deals. They're crooks! Don't trust Eduardo Ricou. They won't even tell you where their offices are located. No phone numbers. No owner information on their unregulated website! They're scammers!

  • ron 08/29/2023 at 10:57 AM


    Scam, something must be done about these companies ripping people off.

  • jaddoney67 10/02/2023 at 04:31 AM


    My experience with Bitspay has been nothing short of a nightmare. It all started when I came across an enticing opportunity on Facebook. I was scrolling through my feed one day when I saw an advertisement promising huge profits in the stock market. It was shared by a person who seemed trustworthy, and they claimed to have made substantial gains through Bitspay

    Intrigued and perhaps a bit too trusting, I decided to reach out to them. We connected on Facebook, and they assured me that this investment opportunity was legitimate and lucrative. They provided me with alluring details about how their team of experts would handle my investments and make sure I saw significant returns.

    Feeling optimistic, I took the plunge and invested $29,000, hoping to secure my financial future. Bitspay only consisted of three individuals, which they explained was an advantage because they could provide personalized attention to each investor. They seemed always available to talk, addressing my concerns and offering reassurances whenever I had doubts.

    However, my optimism quickly turned to despair. After a month and a half of waiting for my investments to grow, I realized something was seriously wrong. The promised returns never materialized, and when I tried to withdraw my initial capital, I was met with excuses and delays. It became evident that I had fallen victim to a fraudulent scheme.

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