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8 Reviews / Comments

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  • Judge Dredd 04/10/2023 at 02:43 PM


    Users have shared overwhelmingly negative reviews about the website, with many claiming it is a scam. Complaints include misleading advertising, aggressive tactics used by the company's staff to extort money, and difficulties in withdrawing funds. Some users have reported being asked to pay 25% Swiss taxes on their earnings and continuously being asked for more money.

    People have expressed frustration and disappointment in the platform, feeling betrayed and manipulated by the company's tactics. Several users have shared their experiences of losing significant amounts of money and the emotional impact of being scammed.

    In response to these issues, some users have sought the help of professional services to recover their lost funds. Overall, the general consensus among users is that is not a trustworthy platform and should be avoided.

  • Limbo 10/24/2022 at 09:32 AM


    Заинтересовался платформой из-за рекламы которая вводила в заблуждение, после того как оставил заявку мне каждый день звонят сотрудники представлясь разными именами, и просто вымогают 250€ полный треш, это 99.9% мошенники будьте осторожней!!! Удачи.

  • louna 11/03/2022 at 03:10 PM


    Shame on this platform Linitybase,It is nothing but scram ,bad company

  • Bert 11/18/2022 at 03:49 PM


    Linitybase is a complete scam don’t pay out and always have a excuse. They scammed me for $250k they all should be jailed.

  • Mervin 11/24/2022 at 02:57 AM


    linitybase wants 25% swiss taxes on my earnings, that for some reason can not come from trading acc what a scam

  • Bekki 12/20/2022 at 05:52 PM


    RED Flags on every level but you want to believe in miracles. Human nature!

    As Williams Quote goes: A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.

    Let's be wise! That's the hardest thing to do! Normally we only learn from our own mistakes. I wish you all not to lose too much $$$ while doing it on this platform.

    And if you do get into similar situation like Dale, get together and contact him.

    SHAME on the company how they break your trust like that! They know what they are doing!

  • Beltry 12/23/2022 at 04:34 PM


    I lost a lot of money with them. I had to borrow money to my bank to pay what they wanted to have my money but thy want more . They always ask for more money. I don't know what to do to have my momey to pay my bank!

  • Farhad J 01/28/2023 at 06:12 PM


    Huge organized scam company, Don't trust them, you will loose all your money, even the money they pay you is a fake USDT( the smart contract number is different) and when you want to swap it or do trade with it, the value is zero. For test small amount they pay you real coins, to encourage you to do big investments and then they keep ask you for more investment to release your money and profit. But then what they pay you is a fake coin which doesn’t have any value.


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