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  • Erik 02/07/2022 at 06:54 PM


    Stay away from the scam artists. Absolutely horrible. Do not buy anything from them because you won’t be able to get your money back. They are in China, and you will never see back a penny.

  • Fake Puzzle Boxes 03/16/2022 at 03:56 PM


    Quiret is a cheap knockoff product site.

    They advertise :

    - This prop is 3D printed, which is a sourced-from-nature recyclable plastic. – It’s not.. It’s wood
    - Post-processed and painted with great care and attention to the details. – No it’s not…

    - Painted with acrylic paint with a final strengthening clear coat. – NO… it’s not.

    Anyone thinking of purchasing, please see the photo I took of the product after it arrived.

    They also advertise :
    - Working Lament Configuration Functional Puzzle Box with integrated lock mechanism The Lament has a locking system inside, the 2 discs at the top and bottom need to be in a specific position to close or open the puzzle... – There is NO locking mechanism. Nothing on this moves.

    “we also offer a comprehensive 30 Day Returns guarantee” – You offered me a 20% refund… You also told me I would have to pay to ship it back.

    Again, anyone who wants to see the actual product that arrived can view it here :


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