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  • Tina 12/31/2021 at 07:25 AM


    Definitely a scam. Low quality items, not as advertised. Shipping address on box is NJ but supposedly shipped from China so they will only offer a 30% refund and you can “keep the product”. 0 stars. Complete scam.

  • jazbo 01/07/2022 at 07:46 PM


    I bought a succulent christmas tree from weawarm 11/31/21. The tree succulent tree is a piece of junk & customer service is horrible. Its plastic which isn't mentioned in the description, doesn't look anything like the picture on their site and instead of 3-7 days delivery (as promoted by weawarm) it took 38 days from the ordering date (11/31/21). Not even close to arriving for Christmas (was a gift). When customer service was contacted (numerous times) they just lied, they either said it had been shipped or it arrived at Jamaica NY. In reality it arrived in California on Jan.1st 2021 then had to be shipped to Florida. The star on the tree wasn't attached and there was ONE decoration on the tree, again nothing like what was pictured.
    Stay away from this company/website - its nothing but a scam!!!
    I tried to leave a review on their web site but not surprisingly it hasn't been posted, just 50 5 stars ratings. no negative reviews were posted.

  • Mark 01/08/2022 at 03:52 PM


    I ordered a "warm sheepskin jacket" and received an item that didn't even resemble what was advertised. After numerous emails back and forth with its "friendly staff" trying to get a return address, I learned I needed to send it back to China in its original, unopened packaging. This is a total scam.

  • Pam 01/10/2022 at 04:38 PM


    SCAM!!!!! RUN THE OTHER DIRECTION!!!! Negative stars if possible. Supposed to be live plant but was fake and damaged! Supposed to arrive by 12/21. After multiple attempts to get sent (when thought it was real) it arrived 20 days after it was supposed to. Asked for refund/canceled order 3 times before sent but they sent it anyway and refused refund. "Succulent" Christmas trees on 1/10. Makes sense, right?

  • Jibjab 01/11/2022 at 07:57 AM


    A complete and utter scam. I ordered a ¾ length merino sheepskin coat with zipped, leather-lined pockets and what arrived is simply a man-made look-alike, itself not worth the money I paid. An expensive lesson learned. Zero stars

  • Zampa 01/13/2022 at 05:23 AM


    What load of shysters. Wanted to return or replace a merino sheepskin jacket I purchased but although their terms and conditions state that this service is available it is a scam. I wouldn't give this company the drips from my nose. BEWARE! ZERO STARS!

  • Grumpy 01/15/2022 at 05:01 AM


    Same as Mark, I to ordered a sheepskin coat 1L 1XL both were like dusters. Not worth the money. despite the company’s email asking was ordering two a mistake so I cancelled one. Two arrived I could not get a return address after many emails. PayPal could not get the money back either as the transaction was completed. I suggest companies like PayPal should not pay out until the customer has received and satisfied with the goods. Always check where items are shipped from if it’s China do not touch it.

  • LG 01/19/2022 at 11:22 AM


    I ordered winter boots... and obviously fell for the scam. COMPLETE GARBAGE and reeks of chemicals. Back and forth with "friendly" customer service. Will offer 30% refund if I ship back to China (random address description that doesn't make sense to me) Waste of money and time!

  • Paul 02/18/2022 at 03:00 AM


    Same as others. Ordered two levitatating globes (no
    longer on their webpage). They are cheaply
    made, did not include the external shell so don’t rotate as described, the earth globe does not use photos from nasa but just painted maps so doesn’t look realistic.


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