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  • Tich 08/13/2020 at 10:34 AM

    Have I been scammed by paid for order 7/7/20 & sent email 12/7/20 that goods on the way

    Now 13/8/20 no good , 3 emails to their email & so-called contact address but not one response...therefore I feel I have been scammed & as a pension I financially cannot afford to loose $ 79

  • Laurie White 12/17/2020 at 04:44 PM

    I wouldn't call them a scam company but I will say I don't like there business practices. An order was placed 11/23/20 at 7:09 pm. I immediately realized it was the wrong item. I emailed immediately as this is what the site said to do. (7:11 pm) The site states 24/7 . I sent another email 2 days later. Still no reply. On 11/29/20 I get a reply back that they have been shipped and can not be cancelled. I can return them at my cost if I like when I receive them. Not Okay.
    I received them yesterday, 12/17/20.

  • SherryD 01/07/2021 at 06:02 AM

    I ordered 2 pairs, received 2 pairs, but the size was wrong. I ordered 3 pairs this time in different colors, in the right size, and 2 months later, got 3 pairs of purple shoes. I emailed them at the various email addresses they've listed, and the only response I got was a canned one saying "your orders delayed" no it's not, I just told you I got it, but it's wrong. I clicked on the link in that response, and it said my orders been delivered, sure and they didn't see that before responding. Check on your auto response system it sucks. When I looked at their website for how returns are handled, it said, despite it coming from a location in California, I have to send them back to an address in France at my cost. This is TERRIBLE customer service. I paid a little over $25 for a pair, why would I pay $56 to send 2 pairs back? I'll give them away, and it makes me really mad because I liked the shoes. I'm really angry at having wasted the money.

  • CBennett 01/24/2021 at 02:24 PM

    We ordered US size 9 shoes. We received size EU 41 which, on EVERY OTHER CONVERSION CHART is US size 10. Their response? "Our chart lists size 41 as size 9" therefore, if we want a different size (aka the correct size) or a refund WE must pay to return them. We were not directed to the chart to choose the EU size but we were given the US sizes to choose from. These people rather alter their chart than make it right. But at least they're emailing with us. Based on the other reviews here, we should count ourselves lucky (thus 2 stars instead of 1)


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