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  • DBK 06/29/2020 at 05:00 PM

    Wish I would have seen this earlier. Ordered a hard-to-find washer part on June 22, 2020. I received no email confirmation and no responses to several emails asking for status updates. Credit card vendor listed as Aip*Vhunyt.

  • John Matlock 07/01/2020 at 04:38 PM

    Live and learn? placed an order 3weeks ago, received an order confirmation email immediately. No shipping date sent. Sent them multiple requests on shipping dat including Facebook page ... no response.. total scam site!

  • LWhyte 07/01/2020 at 11:52 PM

    I placed an order on June 24, 2020. Did not receive a confirmation email. Order still states

    pending. No return emails to my emails sent.

    My credit card has not been charged. Still holding hope that I receive my items.

  • AL 07/10/2020 at 03:18 PM

    Same for me. Placed an order beginning of june.. Credit card charged the same day.

    i got screwed for about $50.00. No return email no reply, and no stock, and another chinese company charged my credit card another time. I got screwed by a total of about $100.00.
    This company is really another chinese scam.

  • Lisa 07/10/2020 at 10:27 PM

    We also ordered a part for our washer. No confirmation. They have no phone number. I messaged them, no response. They got their money on my PayPal. Scam.

  • ttsugar 07/16/2020 at 04:37 AM


  • KENT 08/02/2020 at 09:58 AM

    Total scam. Ordered an item that was priced much less than other places. I made the order, they took my money and never heard crap from them afterwards. I challenged the purchase with Pay pal, and they claimed my item was delivered by the post office in my mailbox, two weeks before I even placed the order. Add to that, the fact the item was far to big & heavy (50 lbs.) to fit into the mailbox. Eventually Pay pal gave me my money back. Asishopw are crooks. Do not throw your money away.

  • Gary 08/10/2020 at 03:00 PM

    Same as above, low price and no response to mails. Site has disappeared now. They seem to scan the internet for items that are no longer in production, and therefore in demand, and advertise a low price. If you search for the item you'll find the exact same description on multiple scam sites.


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