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  • Anthony Lange 01/07/2020 at 01:02 PM

    Don’t trust very bad got screwewd

  • Amber P 01/15/2020 at 03:19 AM

    Do not trust. Took payment but never sent the product. Also never responded to communications.

  • Mike 01/16/2020 at 04:36 PM


  • Chad 01/17/2020 at 01:49 AM

    Pretty sure this is a scam site. I just lost $94.00. to these pieces of shit. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING!!!

    • HarryMason 01/17/2020 at 02:49 AM

      Hi Chad,
      I recommend fundsrecovery01@gmail com to you. they are the recovery agent who helped my friend and I recover our loss when we were also scammed. 100% reliable. Wish you good luck recovering your lost

  • Jason 01/17/2020 at 05:45 AM

    Fucking scam took money no product hope you all rot in hell you piece of shit!!! Will make this go viral ????

  • Jason 01/17/2020 at 05:47 AM

    Hope your cosmetics fix your asshole because you are eventually going to need it that I paid for and others I’m sure!!!!!

  • Jason 01/17/2020 at 05:52 AM

    Just started there website less than 4 months ago they are scams do not order and don’t pay through pay pal or anything else!!!!!!!DO NOT TRUST!!!!!!

  • Chelsea 01/17/2020 at 01:01 PM

    Scam! Paid for a product and then cancelled order due to reading these reviews. Never sent email response and never refunded money but haven't sent product. Beware! Fortunately my credit card company was able to refund my money but they should be shut down. Fake China company.

  • Simon 01/17/2020 at 01:45 PM

    Be careful, it's scam !!!!!I paid for the purchase and waited 3 days, did not receive confirmation and after that I canceled the payment. Do not trust this site, this is a trap

  • Juski 01/17/2020 at 05:36 PM

    Got scammed shaking my head lol. But PayPal is refunding me my money because I filed a claim within 10 days glad I seen this before I just sat back and waited.

  • Frank 01/20/2020 at 02:01 AM

    Scam site. No confirmation no product.

  • james 01/20/2020 at 02:55 AM

    thank u to all of u for the warnings about this fake company! I almost ordered some tools but the prices for the tools you're just way too low for brands like Milwaukee and Rigid and the shipping was extremely too low if it was coming from China! everything was $89 bux

    ud never see Milwaukee stuff cheaper than Harbor freight or other low-end China manufactured products and only $4.93 for shipping ?! Nope my gut was telln me don't do it and thx to all of warnings from all of u im glad I didn't place that order

    James Begley

  • PhillyPtBreezy 01/20/2020 at 03:27 AM; an evil scam site. I was seduced by the crazy inexpensive price for a quality name brand welding helmet. I paid via Paypal. No prompt purchase confirmation was sent. I went back to the page with the welding helmet and decided to look into the drop-down menu. It's not a tool or welding site at all but fashion jewlery!
    A jewlery site which also sells welding helmets? Now, I may be easily seduced by a crazy inexpensive price but I'm not THAT stupid. Going through Paypal for a refund was appearing to be an ordeal. Then I called my bank and a the kind guy at the other end put the money back into my account. If you make a mistake like this you have to take steps to get your money back promptly.
    The moral of this story:

    Don't get seduced by crazy low prices online. Take the time to research a company you have not dealt with before.

  • Dunadan 02/09/2020 at 10:08 PM

    I got scammed, but here's I did to resolve this....

    In my case, I ordered an kitchen appliance from this website = I later learned it had only been setup 2 months ago (BIG WARNING SIGN!!).

    When I asked when my package was, they would NOT email me a tracking number (WARNING SIGN #2). Also, the ONLY items listed for sale on the website UNDER THEIR MAIN MENU were jewelry or essential oils, but the kitchen appliance I had found using Google search was not found anywhere on their website via their website menus/tabs (WARNING SIGN #3).

    Then, we got in the USPS mail a kid's cartoon sticker that we NEVER ordered (we don't even have kids!) and we didn't understand why someone would send us stickers for free?

    But kukhi a.k.a. ELIZABETH CORNISH INC. was doing was they sent that USPS "tracking number" of the cartoon sticker to PayPal as supposed "proof" that my big kitchen appliance package had been delivered to my home (although that "package" was in reality just a cartoon sticker in a tiny envelope instead of the big item I actually paid for.)

    MY SOLUTION: I used PayPal's "Contact Us" link to talk to a human being and explained the situation.

    In my case, I had filed a dispute in the PayPal resolution center previously telling them I had never received my package, for which I got a email from PayPal saying "Your dispute was Denied. This resolution case has been closed".

    But I google search the scam website and I learned that this fraudulent website was mailing out "decoy" USPS tracking numbers as proof of package delivery that they would send to PayPay to fool the PayPal algorithms into thinking the package had been delivered. SO, I called PayPal customer support and explained the situation. She said they had received so many complaints already about this merchant that they had suspended their account and would refund my PayPal money shortly (after they gave the merchant the legally required 14-days to refute my claim). I still had my USPS tracking number and envelope that the cartoon sticker was mailed to me in, and I offered to upload a pic of it as evidence. But she said they didn't need me to send them a pic in this case, because so many others had filed the same complaint. I'm expecting a refund of my money, but the scammers will shut down this website soon and just repeat the same fraud with another new website, so LOOKOUT FOR THOSE 3 WARNING SIGNS I listed above.... Read more


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