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First analysis date: 08/21/2023
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08/05/2023 (Less than 6 months)
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08/05/2024 (Less than 1 year left)
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  • Todd McGann 09/05/2023 at 12:27 PM


    Please be aware that this is a scam, I was scammed of 200K of my money, everything was fine at first, but when I withdraw all the funds, the platform won't let me withdraw the funds, and let me deposit more money

    • Lloyd Scott 09/18/2023 at 04:25 PM

      I Just signed up with them from a spam text via Whatsapp. Did a few test runs and did good. Tried to make a withdrawal but got told to send 30% (over $30,000 usd) of account balance first as tax.
      If u contact me, maybe we can have the proper law enforcement get these scammers and hopefully get your money back.
      mrlloydscott [@]

  • Alps 09/24/2023 at 04:52 AM


    This is total scam, can't believe me along with 4 others got into this trap. Got text from whatsapp and after that it was just a downfall for us. All of the savings are drained into their bucket and no withdrawal. They froze the account then asking for additional 20% for withdrawal(took that too). These guys are total bizarre and ruthless. My family is gone for a toss after investing with them.
    Please contact me and we can file proper law enforcement complaint and get the scammer behind the bars.

  • Sam 09/25/2023 at 01:17 PM


    Scam website. You cannot withdraw from the site.


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