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  • cherie Butler 11/10/2019 at 08:37 PM

    I bought 2 things off there. Now it’s saying there’s no such order. The phone number is fake and the email is fake. Don’t buy!!! It’s a totally fake website.

  • Michael 11/11/2019 at 09:49 PM

    Page says to visit the faqs page - which doesn't exist. The phone number goes to a mailbox that is full. I'd avoid this site.

  • Bill 11/11/2019 at 10:24 PM

    Almost bought some stuff from here but the price is about 50% lower than anywhere else I can find. I also couldn't find a mailing address for the company, which they are required to post in the privacy policy. Thank you scam doc! Saved me a headache and some cash.

  • Gwendolyn 11/12/2019 at 03:18 PM

    Do not order from this suppose store it goes directly to another account its a scam

  • Marie 11/12/2019 at 03:23 PM

    Stucks they just save your info for later date

  • Lisa 11/12/2019 at 06:43 PM

    If you notice the price is much cheaper beawared i order Mag07 from Zozoboz at 1399 ×3 which i should have knew it was a scam because mag07 runs around 25.99 a bottle my bad but when i call my cc company it was said that the purchase i made was a in store purchase not a online plus it went to a person account not a zozoboz please before ordering look up do your research on these so call companies they are constantly changing names the phone number is fake the email everything

  • Marie Shay Lyles 11/12/2019 at 07:16 PM

    They are using different names everything about these online account is bogus I called my cc company it registered to a Sandra in Spain going directly into another account it not a legiti company they phone number email everything is FAKE its getting closiser to the hoilday PLEASE DON'T BE A VICTIM TO THESE SCAM SCUMS if its too good to be true then it is let your instincts kick in and another thing WATCH OUT FOR THAT FREE SHIPPING THEYARE OFFERING BEWARE IF ITS To Good to be true then IT IS YOU WILL NEVER GET A RESPONSE YOU MONEY GONE AND THEY CONTINUE CREATE DIFFERENT NAMES TO SCAM UNDER AND GET YOUR INFORMATION AND CONTINUE TOO USE YOUR CARD FOR FUTURE USE GET A JOB

  • ink2go 11/12/2019 at 09:57 PM

    rating minus 100 ..Roger to other comments..This is a bogus company.. if you fell into the "deal",, protect yourself call you cc company and cancel card. Report to police so a action record can be created. May help put these A-holes in prison..

    Second, make a report to EBay as their are allowing this group to continue to operate, even after these complients.

  • Christopher 11/13/2019 at 05:15 PM was renamed to is renamed to Same format and reviews on site, just different phone number and site tags. It looks like the names only last a couple weeks at most before being changed.

    Like a previous poster noted, what got my attention to their site was a deal for something 50%-ish off in cost.

    Thankfully my purchase was with a gift card, so loss is mitigated but still these people are crap.

  • GRANT 11/14/2019 at 07:50 PM

    I got scammed by this site. The transaction came through as a Jennifer Northam LLC, and any replies to the confirmation email send you to this site: DO NOT FALL FOR IT.

  • Susan 11/17/2019 at 03:00 AM

    I also was scammed and my cc statement read Phillip Morris llc just like everyone else I received confirmation email and never received order. Bogus phone number and email. I canceled my cc !

  • Wendee 11/17/2019 at 10:15 PM

    This site is bull i bought spmething amd im finding out that i was scammed i want to know if i can get my money back.

  • Kitty 11/22/2019 at 03:42 AM

    Ordered a generator and after 2 days could not get on-site, the email does not work. No confirmation. Phone going to voicemail. Finally this week someone answered the phone and stated scammed his phone number and he took the number back and he has received over 100 calls regarding their orders..
    I live in California and I could have used that generator for some type of power.


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