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  • Lee 03/01/2023 at 03:39 PM


    Customer service is prompt. App price is steep but when you consider the job they are doing you understand why. My low score is for this reason: they claim if there is a spyware on the phone they cannot put the product on the phone unless you pay them double the amount of money. There is no warning about this ahead of time. If you refuse, you lose the original amount you paid even if you request for a refund in the time frame they have required you to. Their explanation? It is not their fault. So you pay $450 for the app and then they want another $850 to get past a spyware. Interesting fact - the person they were doing this for did not have a spyware app on their phone! I pointed this out and was ignored. My friend is having a mental health issue and I wanted to make sure I knew how far he had decayed before I told his parents - we have lost two of our friends to suicide already in the last year. When he began sending snaps with his location off with him drunk and on who knows what and they would end with him in frightening situations without us hearing from him for days later… this was the only option I could come up with. He is a grown man, I know but I am terrified to lose him too.

    • Langschwager 04/20/2023 at 07:30 AM

      Sorry to bother you but other than the company "squeezing" more money for the product to work, did it perform as they stated it would? Location, view texts, email, Facebook Messenger etc.

      Reason being an individual is selling narcotics to my son and I've informed the police but without hard evidence or catching them in the act; all they can do is investigate.

      I plan on obtaining evidence so I may provide it to them anonymously so they don't ask how I did receive such information.

  • Claire 04/20/2023 at 03:34 AM


    Good value for money spent. It’s quite easy to use for me 👍🏻

  • Tamara 04/22/2023 at 06:16 AM


    Geeksor spy app is the deal if you want to know what your partner is doing behind you and you don't want to ask directly. I'm already using it and I have peace of mind.

  • Tamara B 05/27/2023 at 10:02 AM


    They are a scam. I specifically asked if Norton was on the phone would there be an extra charge because of the comment above. They said no. That was a lie. Did I pay the additional $800? No. They already ripped me off for $400. How do you know or trust they will deliver anything? Especially when they lie out the gate.

    The person above just happens to have the same name or it may even be fake.


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