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  • Jason Newport 09/14/2022 at 02:03 PM


    Scam online shopping site hosted in RUSSIA. Fake Miami address, fake Miami phone number, Paypal not business but goes to 'friends and family" so not refunded by Paypal (who facilitates the scam and does nothing about it). . It's a SCAM. No STARS!

  • Mike F. 09/24/2022 at 04:04 PM


    I can confirm that is a fraudulent website. I thought I purchased something from them and used PayPal to pay. No order confirmation received. My PayPal account shows the transaction amount was sent to an individual, "," with a transaction fee from PayPal. I have opened a case with PayPal, although I don't expect to get my money back. I thought PayPal was safe, but will no longer use as a "convenient" payment method.

  • Kk 09/26/2022 at 05:29 PM


    That is interesting because mine went to I have reported the to BBB, Pay Pal, Regions Bank and my next stop is, which is the FBI.

  • H.S.D 09/26/2022 at 06:14 PM


    kk answer
    Forget it you don't stand a chance, cheaters only come with cheaters.

    Read this Kk:
    This is the FBI's Financial Fraud Division, for internet fraud and online payments.

    Like with PayPal, and other PayCards, and so on, or do you really think that you will get your money back with it.

    So I honestly said I had my doubts, the authorities whether CIA, FBI, or others have enough problems because of the foreign accounts that they cannot see.

    There are accounts where you can't get access, no matter what the authority's name is.

    Since there is no cooperation with some countries, you can say goodbye to the money.

    And criminal prosecution is also difficult, to the point of impossible in these cases, so you can throw hope in the trash can right away.

    with accounts on the cayman island or Switzerland, or other as well as numbered accounts no chance.

    Since they only get a fit of laughter because the authorities' hands are tied.

    And these banks do not provide any information, neither about the amounts in the accounts nor about the owners.

    Can you completely forget the whole thing, write off the money because the FBI can no longer help you.

    I know this well enough, and have seen enough cases on desks being posted.

    With the CIA, FBI, Homeland, and and and so on, incl. Interpol and other countries' banking laws makes it almost impossible to get information or to get the money back.

  • Terry 09/28/2022 at 03:04 PM


    This really makes me sick.. ok maybe this is my fault for trusting these companies but I am done with these companies on line and with PayPal they are worthless.. this is the 2nd time I have filed a claim with them and they have done absolutely nothing!!!!

  • Jazzy921 11/17/2022 at 08:40 PM


    Thank you to each of you, I was in the process of purchasing Carnival gift certificates! If it seems to good to be true, it usually is. I try appreciate your honesty about this scam of a company. I'm so sorry the lesson cost you money.


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